Pain Pumps

Pain pumps are a great alternative for patients with Chronic non-cancer pain as well as terminal cancer patients requiring good pain control. Chronic non cancer patient candidates are those who have:

  1. Severe Degenerative arthritis.
  2. Prior low back surgery which did not help.
  3. Surgical misadventures with intractable body pain.
  4. Patients who have had multiple fractures due to falls or car accidents in severe pain.
  5. Chronic pain patients who are not able to tolerate oral pain medications due to side effects.
  6. Very helpful in patients diagnosed with Pancreatitis and suffer with pain.

There are 2 manufacturers of pain pumps, FLOWONIX and MEDTRONIC. If you or a family member or friend is suffering from chronic pain and not getting adequate pain relief give us a call and get a referral for a thorough Pain evaluation. "Quality of Life" should be a right, not an option.


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